TMFCard Story

TheMiddleFingerCard® (TMFCard) is just fun, watching people over the years give each other the finger brings me great joy and laughter.  I mean getting flipped-off and flipping someone off back with greater conviction is just human nature!  That is pretty much where this awesomeness stemmed from.

Plus who in their right mind does not like getting fun mail to break the mundane bullshit of worthless circulars and bills!

In all seriousness though, TMFCard is here to allow people the freedom to send someone a message that they feel the need to share.  Sometimes people just need a “friendly” fuck you or possibly a “You make this workplace suck hard” fuck you, or just to let them know they are being a fucker, perhaps a fucking fucker or a fucking downer that is wrecking the good vibes.

Think of it, you can be the catalyst for changing someone’s behavior! Make them think twice about being a douche!

(Zack’s sentimental moment)

One of the funniest memories I have is when I was working on the docks up in Cleveland, Ohio and being flipped off by this old cool warehouse rat named “Red”, then I flipped him off back fierce in good fun, then Red said with both his fingers popped, “Hell I will give you three if the wind blows just right!”.  That shit is funny! That is the kind of fun we are trying to convey here!

Good old fashion four letter fun.

So have at it! Give TMFCard a try and let us know what you think!


Zack and the Bad Mouth Brother Team