Is this really anonymous?

YES! The cards are sent by First Class Postage, so NO return address is required by the USPS, hell as long as you do not sign the card with your name it is pretty much anonymous. (Just like all your other junk mail, except ours is not junk! It’s fucking awesome!)

What kind of shit am I getting into?

All kinds of good stuff! Think of it, it is awesome.  Sending someone a beautiful envelope with a bit of playful evil inside.  Send them to anyone you just want to say “Fuck You” to.  Hell, don’t know the address of the person / place you want to “Fuck Off”, seriously it is the 21st century.  You can find anything on the Interwebs, use one of them search engines or people finder sites!

How does “REVENGE” work?

This is our favorite thing ever!

When you purchase a TMFCard it is printed with a “REVENGE CODE”, one code per card.

Yes, you can “OPT-OUT” of REVENGE but what fun is that? Anyway…

Your Target gets card, sees REVENGE code, goes to website, purchases card, types in REVENGE code, we ship it.

NO, the person with the REVENGE CODE never ever receives the senders address! They never know it comes from you! It is only fare to give them a sporting chance to finger you back.

What if I do not want to participate in “REVENGE”?

Then you are a wussy and it will cost you a whopping $0.25. When you go to purchase the Initial card you can “Opt-Out” of Revenge. Check the box.

What are the size of these sweet fingers?

8.5 inches X 5.5 inches, o-mazing I know.  Larger than life.

What if I want to buy many of these one finger salutes?

Contact us, we will hook a brother or sister up.  support@themiddlefingercard.com

What are the “cards” made of?

Recycled materials and black magic.

What color is the envelope and the TMFCard?

The envelope for all of our prop-up cards varies, looks all crafty and stuff! A must opener! The card itself is paper-color with whatever design you select.

So I can choose between Custom or Canned messages?

Fuck leave it blank if you want.  Yes, Custom OR Canned, choose wisely.

How fast do these fingers ship?

Usually 3-8 days from order process completion, bit longer for International.

Is shipping included?

Bet your sweet ass it is! First Class Postage anywhere on the PLANET is covered. If you need to send a “FAST-FUCK” or a “Ton-of-FUCKs” contact us and we can hook it up! support@themiddlefingercard.com