Shipping Policy

TMFCard Shipping Policy :

WHAT do you ship?

Cards made out of paper! This is your warning, if you get paper cuts easily these cards may not be for you.

WHEN do you ship?

2-3 business days from day of purchase, unless contacted to ship via teleporter or time machine (just kidding, we do not have a teleporter)

WHERE do you ship to?

Anywhere on EARTH!

HOW do you ship?

USPS all the way! If it leaves the USA, then who ever takes it from there!

RATES to ship?

Currently First Class Priority mail, it’s included FREEEEEEEE of charge. (if you need custom shipping, faster, slower, whatever, contact us)

In store pick up option?

No, we don’t understand.

Recycling of packing materials?

All material used are 100% recyclable or burnable, your choice.